How to Shake Off a Mental Fog

Do you ever feel like you’re moving through your day in slow motion, in a haze, without clear vision? Me, too. And I know it can be a hard feeling to shake. For that matter, it’s hard to recognize that it’s happening in the first place! So when you feel this thick sludge clouding your thoughts and mind, it’s time to take action and reverse the inertia. Here are a few ways to do it.

Move your body

Outside, preferably. There’s nothing like fresh, free-flowing air surrounding you and filling your lungs to make you feel renewed. If it’s right for you, go for a run or hike to really get your energy moving and flowing. Or, if you need some TLC, just take a gentle walk and visually drink in the scenery around you. It’s totally OK if you don’t live near a forest or the beach. Just having a clear view of the sky is often enough to ripple through any energetic stagnation that may be around you. That being said, it is ideal if you can be near trees or a body of water to help you ground and connect back to this 3D world of ours.

Not to be that person, but I must recommend yoga as well. A yoga practice was originally designed to connect body and mind intelligence through conscious, deliberate breath and movement. You do not have to be a human pipe cleaner to enjoy the benefits of yoga, but you do have to be willing to spend at least a few minutes in savasana at the end of your yoga practice. That means just lie there. This is the most important part of the practice, as your physical and energetic bodies assimilate the benefits of all the movements you did during the “workout.”

Move your energy

I could go on and on about this category of movement, but I will limit today’s post to just two recommendations. The first suggestion requires you to seek external assistance: get an energy healing or Reiki session. (I can help with this.) Having a knowledgeable practitioner facilitate the flow of energy around your body is a unique, liberating experience. Many times, your healer will be able to identify where the energetic hang-up is occurring, and can remove any cords or blocks keeping you stuck. She may also give you suggestions on how to keep your energy field clear and protected from future obstacles.

My second recommendation was actually given to me during my last visit to my favorite energy healer, Jen of Soulcraft Coaching and Energy Work. It’s called the Cortices Tapping Technique. Rather than attempt to explain it in text, I’ll let you watch the video over on their website.

I hope this has given you a little bit of helpful information. If you ever need help or guidance with mental fog or anything else, please send me an email. I love to discuss any variety of topics with my readers. If you have a request for future posts, please comment below. Be well, care for your bodies, share love.

Entities, Cords, and Blocks

This may not be the most pleasant subject, but let’s be realistic. Life isn’t always unicorns and sunshine. Sometimes, life is heavy. Dark. Confusing. There are times when circumstances trigger negative feelings in us; but often, we have no idea why we’re feeling low. Here are a few things that could be affecting you energetically, and what you can do about them.

Attached entities

OK, I know this sounds a bit “out there.” In fact, I didn’t believe this could be a thing until I saw a hypnotherapist for a past life regression. During that session, actual entities spoke to the therapist through me. There was a spiky black ball in my head that was causing me severe neck pain. There was a slimy something in my throat that was making it hard for me to talk to people.

How did she rid me of these disturbing attachments? It was pretty simple, actually. She invited them each to come forth and discover that they had a little light inside them. She coaxed them into allowing that light to shine brightly and asked angels to help the entities move on from me. Then, she filled any gaps left behind with healing light from Archangel Raphael.

Energy cords

Whether you like it or not, each time you interact with someone, you two are connected by a cord of energy. You can’t see it with your eyes, but if you’re an empath, you can probably feel it at times. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you are both in balance. But if the person you’ve attached to is in energetic lack, then guess what? Yep, their cord is going to draw your energy away to make up for their deficit. Luckily, there are preventative measures to keep your energy intact, as well as cord-cutting techniques you can use to sever any ties to others. I’ll just mention one of each here.

My favorite quick protective ritual is to stand up tall and imagine there are roots growing down from my base chakra, through my legs and feet, and deep into the earth. Then, I visualize white/violet light pouring down into my crown chakra. From this powerful stance, I ask Archangel Michael to envelop me in his protective blue light. I intend only love to go out, and only love to come in. I make sure to ask that this serves the highest good of everyone involved. This protects me and all those I come into contact with.

If you find yourself drained or constantly thinking of another person, you may need to sever the cord that’s connecting you. To do this, I like to repeat the exercise above. Once I feel protected, I say something like, “I intend that my energetic ties to [name of person] be cut for the highest good of all involved. And so it is.” And yes, I accompany this with a quick karate-chop motion. Someone special taught me that, so it feels right. You don’t have to do it unless it feels good to you.

Blocks and patterns

Blocks are deeply ingrained beliefs that no longer serve your highest good; patterns are deeply ingrained modes of action that no longer serve you. Both can be self-inflicted, or could be left over from past lives, or could be completely subconscious phenomena leftover from earlier experiences in life. Whatever the case, a certain degree of awareness is required to even realize you have a block or pattern holding you back. Some intuitives can see or feel these in your aura as a sort of residue or disruption in your energy flow.

As I said, you must first identify your block or pattern, and make a conscious choice to release it. The releasing part is where it can get a little tricky, and I recommend a well-rounded approach. Talk therapy is good for a lot of people. Reiki and energy work is good for nearly everyone. And meditation, without known exception, is excellent for all of us. Many times, a client who comes in for a general Reiki session doesn’t even know he has any blocks or patterns until he is under the profound relaxation of treatment. That’s when things can come to the surface for examination, and a decision can be made about how to handle what comes up.

Those are just a few draining energetic occurrences that we can experience. If you ever struggle with anything like this, feel free to contact me for guidance. Something I want everyone who reads this to remember is: when you remove something, you must fill in the gap. Nature abhors a vacuum, and you better believe that if you have a big chunk missing from your aura where a block was removed, there will be energy rushing to fill it in. You can be proactive and patch the opening with healing light from God or your angels or guides, or simply intend for the gap to be filled for the highest good of all involved.

This article wasn’t intended to scare you, but to make you aware that it’s not always your fault when you are feeling less than 100%. Even when you’re feeling great, it’s very wise (and feels awesome) to complete an energetic shielding ritual. Have a great day, and thank you for reading.

What to Expect When You Receive a Reiki or Energy Healing Session

You did your research, decided to give this whole energy healing thing a go, and booked a session. Then it occurs to you. Now what?! Talk about wading into uncharted waters! What can you even expect to happen to you during your session, not to mention afterward? Well, fret not, my friend. I’m going to give you a quick rundown so you feel a little more equipped to handle this situation.

Before your session

Please hydrate. Please. Any kind of energetic work involves a lot of change at the body’s cell level, which in turn requires water to process. Even if you don’t notice anything after your session, your teeny cells will be soaking up and expelling all the water they can as they transform. You want to prevent any feelings of fatigue, headaches, and other issues due to dehydration—so again I say, drink up. Do this at least in the 24 hours leading up to your appointment, and for the next 2-3 days.

Another thing you can do to prepare is meditating. If this is not your normal practice, just set aside 5-10 minutes to sit quietly and listen to the sound of your breath. That’s all there is to it. If you’re a regular meditator, keep it up, and maybe add an extra round before your appointment.

If your practitioner requires any paperwork for intake, it might save you both some time if you complete that beforehand. That’s up to you, though.

Your body, mind, energy, and spirit are about to experience something new. Embrace that. Look forward to it. Anticipate your session with openness and eagerness rather than fear or doubt. Reiki can only serve your highest good, so there is never anything to worry about! In fact, one of Reiki’s principles might help you out if you use it as a mantra: “Just for today, I will not worry.”

During your session

Ah, now this is the bit everyone wants to know about the most. I can tell you what happens “structurally” during the appointment, but your experience is something nobody can predict. Be aware that I’m describing how I run my normal sessions, but every practitioner has a slightly different approach.

After you enter the healing space, you and I will chat briefly. We can talk about whatever you like, but it’s helpful if you let me know any areas of concern. For example, one of my clients has been working with me to release creative blocks. Each session, I know that’s going to be a focus, and she lets me know if anything additional has come up. When we communicate this way, I can help you keep track of your progress if you return for additional healing.

I will ask you if you’re comfortable with light touch. If you’re not, that’s not a hindrance at all. Sometimes, my hands will never come into contact with your physical body anyway. It just depends on what your energy tells me. I may also ask if you would like some soft music playing and if you would enjoy burning some incense or diffusing some essential oil.

After we’ve established your reason for seeking healing (even if the reason is simply “curiosity”), you’ll make yourself comfortable on a massage table. You’ll have a pillow for your head, a bolster for under your knees, and an eye mask if you desire.

Once you’re comfy and settled, all you have to do is relax. If you want to focus on an intention, that’s fine, but not necessary. I will use my intuition to choose the healing method that will best serve you at that moment. Perhaps a traditional Reiki session will be perfect for you; or, maybe we will decide to use crystals, a pendulum, or more specific chakra work during your visit. Each time you see me will be unique.

I normally don’t speak during a session. That is not intentional—it’s just how it goes when I’m channeling energy! However, if you would feel more comfortable talking, or if you have a question at any point, speak! I can talk and work at the same time with no problem, so it’s up to you.

One more thing. At any point, you can end the session. We will go anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes, but never longer than that. However, if you feel like you’ve had enough or you’re not comfortable lying down any longer, etc., just say so. You will not offend me, and I want every aspect of the session to benefit you. You need never feel shy about voicing your needs to your Reiki practitioner.

So what will you feel while lying on the table, receiving treatment? Nobody knooooowwwwsss… But seriously, it’s impossible to predict. You could fall asleep. You could enter a deep trance state and see all sorts of crazy things, like rushing water and outer space. You could feel heat and pressure and tingles and surges. You could hear voices. You could burst into tears or into screaming laughter. You could feel nothing at all and wonder if anything is even happening.

Every one of these scenarios has happened to my clients before, and every one is perfectly acceptable and perfectly perfect. Your beautiful, amazing, intelligent, intricate, limitless, expansive spirit knows exactly what you need, how much you need, and how to assimilate it. So accept whatever experience you have, and do your best to avoid judging it. Whether you can perceive it or not, something wonderful is happening energetically. Whatever your reality is each moment is the right reality. I can’t wait to hear what you experience.

After your session

Whew! All done. Your practitioner will gently ground you to bring you back into your body and will offer you a glass of cold water that may have been charged with Reiki and/or crystals. Drink it, please. Refer to the earlier paragraph on hydration.

When you’re ready to talk, we will discuss your experience. Most practitioners, including me, will tell you what we picked up on during the session. Of course, I do not diagnose illnesses or predict your future, but I can feel when a chakra is rotating slowly or when your aura has some sticky energy—and many times, those are keys into other issues. I always try to finish in enough time that we can dive into some strategies to maintain your strong, healthy energy.

I should mention that if you have any blood sugar imbalances, you will need to monitor those closely for up to 3 days after our session. Many times, people find that they need more or less medication than usual as their body processes the healing. If you want to know more details on that, get in touch with me. There’s so much cool science around energy healing.

And that’s that. You can expect to feel “different” for a few days. Or not. It depends on the person. But I always recommend taking some extra time for self-care, even if it’s just a hot bath before bed. If you feel like you want to book another session, do it. That’s your intuition telling you that the healing is beneficial. If one session was all you needed to restore balance, that’s fantastic. Either way, I like to hear from my clients, and will usually pester them about 3 days after our session to make sure they’re doing well.

As always, if you have questions, contact me. I love to teach and to learn, and each interaction is an opportunity to do both. Have a lovely week.

A Very Little Bit about Crystals and Healing

Have you ever heard of quartz?  It’s the most abundant mineral we can find in the earth’s surface, and one of the most widely used. In fact, we can thank quartz for the invention of computers. Quartz is so highly programmable that it is used to store all the memory on our computers. If you don’t believe me, crack yours open right now and go on a scavenger hunt. (Or maybe just do a Google search.) Silicon, the major component found in quartz, is extracted for use in the crystal oscillator of computers. Don’t care about that so much? Me, either.

computer quartz

The point is that crystals, such as quartz, are extraordinary at storing, conducting, transmitting, and transmuting energy. Clear quartz is the most easily programmed, meaning if we hold a piece and set an intention, the quartz picks up on the subtle vibrations of our energy and helps align us with our intention.

Some stones are better at other tasks. Black tourmaline is an amazing transmuter of lower energies. It can protect you from electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from your cell phone and wireless router and can dispel negative, heavy energies that are stuck in your field.


Certain crystals correspond wonderfully with our major chakras. Amethyst is quite useful for waking up our higher chakras, from the third eye up. Malachite and emerald amplify heart chakra energy, and so can help us with healing and loving ourselves and others. Darker stones, like smoky quartz and hematite, are known as grounding stones. These correlate closely with the root chakra and help us feel stable and strong in our connection to the earth.


I could go on and on about crystals- they were my gateway into the entire world of energy and healing- but I’ll just say one more quick thing about them. Crystals are like little helpful partners to us. It’s no coincidence that Mother Earth has provided us with stones for working with every type of energy, just as she has given us plants for curing our ailments. Crystals are simply tangible holders of certain energetic vibrations that we wish to align with.

I’ve barely scratched the surface (is that a pun?) on crystals here. If you’re interested in learning how crystals can help, heal, and manifest with you, book a Crystal Reiki appointment with me or contact me with any questions. We can do sessions no matter where you are on this planet, so be sure to get in touch with me if you would like to experience the transformative power of healing your energy.

A Brief Idea of What Reiki Can Be

Reiki is not magic, although it feels magical to me quite often. Reiki is not some out-there, woo-woo, inaccessible New Age concept. Reiki is simply the promotion of a state of profound relaxation, from where your body (both your physical and energy body) can draw in what it needs to heal. Your Reiki practitioner has been attuned to certain symbols and energies that allow her to facilitate this process, making your healing and restoration a seemingly passive process on your end.

Your healing, however, is anything but passive. Your body possesses an intelligence that defies description. Our natural state is to be in perfect health and harmony, and our bodies will happily resonate with that energy. Over time and with exposure to less-than-ideal circumstances, though, the body can forget how to be perfectly healthy. Our energy can get scrambled, and our vitality can suffer.

Treating your body to energetic treatments like Reiki, energy medicine, crystal therapy, chakra rebalancing, tai chi, meditation, etc. is a lovely way to gently restore your energy. None of these is a substitute for actual conventional medicine, but speaking from personal experience, these can be a powerful way to prevent the need for doctor’s visits. They also work in harmony with any medical treatment, as there are no contraindications. Rather, there is a growing body of research demonstrating how Reiki is effective in managing pain and decreasing recovery time after surgery, for example.

Another wonderful application for Reiki is in animal therapy. As pure beings without all the messy aspects of being human, animals joyfully receive, adore, and absorb Reiki treatments. Our animal companions don’t (usually!) speak our language, so we rely on our interpretation of their signals and the advice of veterinary professionals to discern when something is wrong with them.  I have discovered that giving an animal Reiki can ease his pain, reduce her stress, and promote healing in his little (or huge) body. Again, Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary care, but is a complement to it.

Reiki can be a jumping off point to more focused self-care, an enhancement to existing medical treatments, a form of self-discovery and healing, and so much more. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way and let your body do what it already knows how to do. Contact me if you have any questions, and leave a comment if you would like to know more about anything discussed in this short post.