How to Shake Off a Mental Fog

Do you ever feel like you’re moving through your day in slow motion, in a haze, without clear vision? Me, too. And I know it can be a hard feeling to shake. For that matter, it’s hard to recognize that it’s happening in the first place! So when you feel this thick sludge clouding your thoughts and mind, it’s time to take action and reverse the inertia. Here are a few ways to do it.

Move your body

Outside, preferably. There’s nothing like fresh, free-flowing air surrounding you and filling your lungs to make you feel renewed. If it’s right for you, go for a run or hike to really get your energy moving and flowing. Or, if you need some TLC, just take a gentle walk and visually drink in the scenery around you. It’s totally OK if you don’t live near a forest or the beach. Just having a clear view of the sky is often enough to ripple through any energetic stagnation that may be around you. That being said, it is ideal if you can be near trees or a body of water to help you ground and connect back to this 3D world of ours.

Not to be that person, but I must recommend yoga as well. A yoga practice was originally designed to connect body and mind intelligence through conscious, deliberate breath and movement. You do not have to be a human pipe cleaner to enjoy the benefits of yoga, but you do have to be willing to spend at least a few minutes in savasana at the end of your yoga practice. That means just lie there. This is the most important part of the practice, as your physical and energetic bodies assimilate the benefits of all the movements you did during the “workout.”

Move your energy

I could go on and on about this category of movement, but I will limit today’s post to just two recommendations. The first suggestion requires you to seek external assistance: get an energy healing or Reiki session. (I can help with this.) Having a knowledgeable practitioner facilitate the flow of energy around your body is a unique, liberating experience. Many times, your healer will be able to identify where the energetic hang-up is occurring, and can remove any cords or blocks keeping you stuck. She may also give you suggestions on how to keep your energy field clear and protected from future obstacles.

My second recommendation was actually given to me during my last visit to my favorite energy healer, Jen of Soulcraft Coaching and Energy Work. It’s called the Cortices Tapping Technique. Rather than attempt to explain it in text, I’ll let you watch the video over on their website.

I hope this has given you a little bit of helpful information. If you ever need help or guidance with mental fog or anything else, please send me an email. I love to discuss any variety of topics with my readers. If you have a request for future posts, please comment below. Be well, care for your bodies, share love.

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