What to Expect When You Receive a Reiki or Energy Healing Session

You did your research, decided to give this whole energy healing thing a go, and booked a session. Then it occurs to you. Now what?! Talk about wading into uncharted waters! What can you even expect to happen to you during your session, not to mention afterward? Well, fret not, my friend. I’m going to give you a quick rundown so you feel a little more equipped to handle this situation.

Before your session

Please hydrate. Please. Any kind of energetic work involves a lot of change at the body’s cell level, which in turn requires water to process. Even if you don’t notice anything after your session, your teeny cells will be soaking up and expelling all the water they can as they transform. You want to prevent any feelings of fatigue, headaches, and other issues due to dehydration—so again I say, drink up. Do this at least in the 24 hours leading up to your appointment, and for the next 2-3 days.

Another thing you can do to prepare is meditating. If this is not your normal practice, just set aside 5-10 minutes to sit quietly and listen to the sound of your breath. That’s all there is to it. If you’re a regular meditator, keep it up, and maybe add an extra round before your appointment.

If your practitioner requires any paperwork for intake, it might save you both some time if you complete that beforehand. That’s up to you, though.

Your body, mind, energy, and spirit are about to experience something new. Embrace that. Look forward to it. Anticipate your session with openness and eagerness rather than fear or doubt. Reiki can only serve your highest good, so there is never anything to worry about! In fact, one of Reiki’s principles might help you out if you use it as a mantra: “Just for today, I will not worry.”

During your session

Ah, now this is the bit everyone wants to know about the most. I can tell you what happens “structurally” during the appointment, but your experience is something nobody can predict. Be aware that I’m describing how I run my normal sessions, but every practitioner has a slightly different approach.

After you enter the healing space, you and I will chat briefly. We can talk about whatever you like, but it’s helpful if you let me know any areas of concern. For example, one of my clients has been working with me to release creative blocks. Each session, I know that’s going to be a focus, and she lets me know if anything additional has come up. When we communicate this way, I can help you keep track of your progress if you return for additional healing.

I will ask you if you’re comfortable with light touch. If you’re not, that’s not a hindrance at all. Sometimes, my hands will never come into contact with your physical body anyway. It just depends on what your energy tells me. I may also ask if you would like some soft music playing and if you would enjoy burning some incense or diffusing some essential oil.

After we’ve established your reason for seeking healing (even if the reason is simply “curiosity”), you’ll make yourself comfortable on a massage table. You’ll have a pillow for your head, a bolster for under your knees, and an eye mask if you desire.

Once you’re comfy and settled, all you have to do is relax. If you want to focus on an intention, that’s fine, but not necessary. I will use my intuition to choose the healing method that will best serve you at that moment. Perhaps a traditional Reiki session will be perfect for you; or, maybe we will decide to use crystals, a pendulum, or more specific chakra work during your visit. Each time you see me will be unique.

I normally don’t speak during a session. That is not intentional—it’s just how it goes when I’m channeling energy! However, if you would feel more comfortable talking, or if you have a question at any point, speak! I can talk and work at the same time with no problem, so it’s up to you.

One more thing. At any point, you can end the session. We will go anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes, but never longer than that. However, if you feel like you’ve had enough or you’re not comfortable lying down any longer, etc., just say so. You will not offend me, and I want every aspect of the session to benefit you. You need never feel shy about voicing your needs to your Reiki practitioner.

So what will you feel while lying on the table, receiving treatment? Nobody knooooowwwwsss… But seriously, it’s impossible to predict. You could fall asleep. You could enter a deep trance state and see all sorts of crazy things, like rushing water and outer space. You could feel heat and pressure and tingles and surges. You could hear voices. You could burst into tears or into screaming laughter. You could feel nothing at all and wonder if anything is even happening.

Every one of these scenarios has happened to my clients before, and every one is perfectly acceptable and perfectly perfect. Your beautiful, amazing, intelligent, intricate, limitless, expansive spirit knows exactly what you need, how much you need, and how to assimilate it. So accept whatever experience you have, and do your best to avoid judging it. Whether you can perceive it or not, something wonderful is happening energetically. Whatever your reality is each moment is the right reality. I can’t wait to hear what you experience.

After your session

Whew! All done. Your practitioner will gently ground you to bring you back into your body and will offer you a glass of cold water that may have been charged with Reiki and/or crystals. Drink it, please. Refer to the earlier paragraph on hydration.

When you’re ready to talk, we will discuss your experience. Most practitioners, including me, will tell you what we picked up on during the session. Of course, I do not diagnose illnesses or predict your future, but I can feel when a chakra is rotating slowly or when your aura has some sticky energy—and many times, those are keys into other issues. I always try to finish in enough time that we can dive into some strategies to maintain your strong, healthy energy.

I should mention that if you have any blood sugar imbalances, you will need to monitor those closely for up to 3 days after our session. Many times, people find that they need more or less medication than usual as their body processes the healing. If you want to know more details on that, get in touch with me. There’s so much cool science around energy healing.

And that’s that. You can expect to feel “different” for a few days. Or not. It depends on the person. But I always recommend taking some extra time for self-care, even if it’s just a hot bath before bed. If you feel like you want to book another session, do it. That’s your intuition telling you that the healing is beneficial. If one session was all you needed to restore balance, that’s fantastic. Either way, I like to hear from my clients, and will usually pester them about 3 days after our session to make sure they’re doing well.

As always, if you have questions, contact me. I love to teach and to learn, and each interaction is an opportunity to do both. Have a lovely week.

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