A Very Little Bit about Crystals and Healing

Have you ever heard of quartz?  It’s the most abundant mineral we can find in the earth’s surface, and one of the most widely used. In fact, we can thank quartz for the invention of computers. Quartz is so highly programmable that it is used to store all the memory on our computers. If you don’t believe me, crack yours open right now and go on a scavenger hunt. (Or maybe just do a Google search.) Silicon, the major component found in quartz, is extracted for use in the crystal oscillator of computers. Don’t care about that so much? Me, either.

computer quartz

The point is that crystals, such as quartz, are extraordinary at storing, conducting, transmitting, and transmuting energy. Clear quartz is the most easily programmed, meaning if we hold a piece and set an intention, the quartz picks up on the subtle vibrations of our energy and helps align us with our intention.

Some stones are better at other tasks. Black tourmaline is an amazing transmuter of lower energies. It can protect you from electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from your cell phone and wireless router and can dispel negative, heavy energies that are stuck in your field.


Certain crystals correspond wonderfully with our major chakras. Amethyst is quite useful for waking up our higher chakras, from the third eye up. Malachite and emerald amplify heart chakra energy, and so can help us with healing and loving ourselves and others. Darker stones, like smoky quartz and hematite, are known as grounding stones. These correlate closely with the root chakra and help us feel stable and strong in our connection to the earth.


I could go on and on about crystals- they were my gateway into the entire world of energy and healing- but I’ll just say one more quick thing about them. Crystals are like little helpful partners to us. It’s no coincidence that Mother Earth has provided us with stones for working with every type of energy, just as she has given us plants for curing our ailments. Crystals are simply tangible holders of certain energetic vibrations that we wish to align with.

I’ve barely scratched the surface (is that a pun?) on crystals here. If you’re interested in learning how crystals can help, heal, and manifest with you, book a Crystal Reiki appointment with me or contact me with any questions. We can do sessions no matter where you are on this planet, so be sure to get in touch with me if you would like to experience the transformative power of healing your energy.

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