Do you have a new or recurring health issue? Have you been through something in life that has left you feeling stuck, traumatized, depressed, or out of balance? Is an animal you love experiencing a health crisis, joint pain, or mystery illness? Reiki could be just the thing to spur healing and forward momentum.

Reiki is a traditional Japanese energy healing method in which your practitioner will either lay hands lightly on your body, or hold hands just above your body, and allow universal energy to flow throw them, like a faucet. Your body will absorb all the energy it needs for healing, and will only accept what will serve your highest good. Sounds esoteric, right? Don’t worry- it’s actually practical, safe and effective.

Since every individual has unique energy and needs, I like to work intuitively. Sometimes that means deviating from the traditional Reiki methods, which is why I include “energy healing” as a descriptor for these services. It’s a rose by another name, essentially.

At Earth Star Healing, I also sometimes (most times!) incorporate crystals into your session. Crystals are amazing geological gifts that help us focus energy, set intentions, and transmute any emotions or energies that do not serve us.

I find that when I work with someone, we usually discover some useful information about their chakras. When we find a chakra that is out of balance, I can help you reign it in and align it with the rest of your energy.

If you have no idea what any of this means, I would absolutely love to talk to you! Please contact me using the form, or call or text me (my number is at the bottom of the page.)

Reiki/energy healing session (60 minutes)- $60   (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

We will discuss your needs, intentions, pains, or other health issues, and decide on a healing session to facilitate your transformation. Each session will be unique.  Reiki is very experiential, so just give it a try and see what your experience will be. Select this service if you want an in-person session with me, either in the Earth Star Healing space, in your own home, or at a medical facility.  Reiki is wonderful for recovery after surgery, and for ease during palliative care.  We can also focus on fertility, recovering from addiction or depression/anxiety, healing your home, and so much more.  

Animal Reiki/energy healing session (30-45 minutes)- $45

Animals possess such pure and loving energy that a healing session can happen quite quickly.  They know exactly what they need, and how much they need.  I prefer to do healing on animals in an environment that’s comfortable and familiar to them, so as not to introduce extra stress which could slow or block healing.  However, the Earth Star Healing space is open to all animals of a reasonable size if their humans would prefer to bring them in.  Reiki is appropriate and beneficial at all stages of life.  It can also help ease an animal who is at the end of his earthly journey.  Contact me about end-of-life sessions where I can facilitate some comfort, closure, and clarity for both of you when it is time for your companion to cross over.

Distance Reiki/energy healing session (human or animal, 45 minutes)- $45

Energy knows no time, space, or location; therefore, sessions done via distance are just as effective as ones done in person.  In a distance session, we can chat via phone call, text, or email to determine your or your animal’s needs.  Then I will conduct a session as if you were in the Earth Star Healing space.  All you must do is sit or lie somewhere comfortable, get quiet, and enjoy the treatment.  If it’s a session for an animal, I will connect with the animal and get her permission before starting the treatment.  After your session, we can discuss what came up for you and what I observed.

Tune-up (15 minutes)- $15

Sometimes you just don’t have an hour to spare, and that’s okay!  With Reiki and energy healing, a little goes a long way.  Choose this option when you need a quick “rinse” to feel revitalized.  We will complete this speedy, effective session in a comfortable chair instead of having you lie down.  We can do this via distance, too!


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*Disclaimer: Reiki, energy healing, crystal healing, and chakra therapy are complementary modalities and are not substitutes for medical treatment. These modalities are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please make sure you’re also working with veterinary, medical, and mental health professionals as appropriate.